May 11: Twilight Zone Day, Eat What You Want Day, Dali Birth Anniversary, Military Spouse Appreciation Day

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Twilight Zone Day

If it's a holiday weekend and you've turned on the Sy-Fy channel after basking in the sun and eating too much picnic food, don't be surprised when you find out you've entered "The Twilight Zone." Like clockwork, the Sy-Fy Channel runs a marathon of the award-winning Rod Serling show at least three times a year. Serling created, wrote and narrated the off-kilter black-and-white anthology show.

Gene Roddenberry, "Star Trek" creator, said about the man behind "The Twilight Zone" curtain: "No one could know Serling, or view or read his work, without recognizing his deep affection for humanity ... and his determination to enlarge our horizons by giving us a better understanding of ourselves." (per the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation)

Eat What You Want Day

Call it a total cheat day.

With so much conflicting nutrition information floating around and so many confusing fad diets, sometimes you need to just take a day to remember food can be enjoyable.

And The May 11 food holiday is not dedicated to any one food. You have permission to skip your diet, stop counting calories or points, eat some carbs and even enjoy dessert before dinner. Dine at the local buffet restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of appetizers, entrees and desserts in one meal. The holiday was created by Wellcat.

Dali Birth Anniversary

May 11 is a significant date for the arts. Surrealist artist Salvador Dali was born on May 11, 1904, in Figueres, Spain. Songwriter Irving Berlin was born on May 11, 1888, and modern dancer Martha Graham was born on May 11, 1894. All three artists made significant and genre-altering contributions in their fields.

"As an artist, Salvador Dali was not limited to a particular style or media. The body of his work, from early impressionist paintings through his transitional surrealist works, and into his classical period, reveals a constantly growing and evolving artist. Dali worked in all media, leaving behind a wealth of oils, watercolors, drawings, graphics, and sculptures, films, photographs, performance pieces, jewels and objects of all descriptions," says the Dali Museum, where many of his works are exhibited.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

President Ronald Reagan first proclaimed May 11 as Military Spouse Appreciation Day in 1984. The holiday recognizes the contribution, patriotism, sacrifices, and strength of the husbands and wives of women and men in uniform. U.S. military posts around the world celebrate the holiday annually on the Friday before Mother's Day, according to Hanscom Air Force Base.

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