May 18: No Dirty Dishes Day, National Pizza Party Day, Mother's Whistler, Cheese Souffle Day, International Virtual Assistants Day

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No Dirty Dishes Day

The holiday is a dream come true. It's also going to a difficult one to pull off if you tend to cook most of your meals at home. The holiday is not for skipping out on cleaning the dirty dishes, but to strive to make no dirty dishes at all. Using disposable plates and cups may not fit into a green lifestyle unless they're the biodegradable kind. You could eat all of your meals out, leaving the dirty dishes to someone else. Or, be sneaky and hope that your extended family is oblivious to the holiday and invite yourself over their house, since it's also Visit Your Relatives Day.

National Pizza Party Day

You might also be able to celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day with another holiday, National Pizza Party Day. The food holiday is observed on the third Friday of May. Don't forget the healthy green salad to go along with your pizza.

Pizza by the numbers, from Your Guide to Pizza:

* 4.13 per 10,000 residents: Number of pizza stores per person in Iowa, the state with the most pizza stores per person

* 46: Number of slices of pizza the average American eats each year

* 3 billion: Number of pizzas sold each year in the U.S.

* Over 5 billion: Number of pizzas sold worldwide each year

Birthday of Mother's Whistler

The holiday is a bit of a trick and play on words. It's not about the familiar portrait of a woman sitting in a chair. American artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834-1903) might be best known for "Arrangement in Grey and Black," commonly called "Whistler's Mother." The holiday Birthday of Mother's Whistler is not for the artist's mother. Instead, the holiday celebrates anyone who can whistle.

Cheese Souffle Day

Souffles and meringues are related. Not only do both use a lot of eggs, they both rely on the cook to whip the right amount of air into the eggs. Souffles can be sweet dishes for dessert or more savory, like the cheese souffle. Both types originated in 18th century French cuisine, according to Food Timeline. The cheese souffle is usually flavored with a distinct cheese like Swiss or Parmesan. It's common to use earthy spices like nutmeg and paprika in cheese souffle.

Test your kitchen skills:

* Basic cheese souffle

* Get creative with choose-a-cheese souffle

* Broccoli and goat cheese souffle

International Virtual Assistants Day

They're like an army of invisible helpers from a Disney cartoon. They help you get your work done, and provide administrative support from all over the globe. They're virtual assistants, and if you don't have one, you're missing out. The Alliance for Virtual Business started the holiday to celebrate and promote the virtues of hiring a professional virtual assistant. The holiday is observed on the third Friday in May annually.

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