May 21: National Waiters and Waitresses Day, Rapture Party Day, National Memo Day

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National Waiters and Waitresses Day

The Federal minimum cash wage for tipped employees is currently $2.13 an hour. Although that amount is more generous in some jurisdictions, about 70 percent of U.S. states still pay less than $5.00 an hour. Without tips, these workers would be well below the poverty line, even if they worked 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year.

With this in mind, the giving of tips should no longer be considered "for exceptional service," but for service, period! Today is "National Waiters and Waitresses Day." You can celebrate by leaving a kind note for your server today, along with an extra buck or two in your tip.

Rapture Party Day

You may remember that Harold Camping, president of Family Radio - a Christian broadcasting network - predicted that May 21, 2011 would be the beginning of the end of the world. On that evening, many non-believers - both Christian and non-Christian alike - celebrated what they felt was a misguided prophecy by holding rapture parties across the world.

Well, thank goodness Mr. Camping was wrong and we are all still here to tell the tale. In the spirit of continued life on earth, May 21 continues to be celebrated as "Rapture Party Day." If you are so inclined, gather up the friends and family for some gratitude and fellowship. You might want to consider serving one of these intriguing cocktails from Yahoo! Shine.

The Moët Imperial Gatsby

The Porch Crawler

The French 75

National Memo Day

The word "memo" is short for "memorandum" and originated in the early 15th century. Its meaning is "a thing to be remembered," and in the beginning it was written at the top of a note or letter. Over time it became a word used for the note itself.

Memos, although generally utilitarian in nature, have been the downfall of many a corporate executive or politician. I suspect they are also responsible, at least in part, for the preponderance of paper shredders in offices across the country.

Today is "National Memo Day," and gives us a chance to revive the positive purposes of these meaningful messages. To celebrate, why not write your own memo to your family, BFF, or some loved one you haven't seen or spoken to in years?

Once your memorandum is complete, you can relax and watch the 1999 romantic drama "Message in a Bottle" starring Kevin Costner and Robin Wright. You can check out all the details on Yahoo! Movies.

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