May 21: I Need a Patch for that Day, American Red Cross Founded, Strawberries and Cream Day, National Waitstaff Day

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"I Need a Patch for That" Day

There might be an app for that. Wellcat wants a patch for that. There are patches for motion sickness and to help you quit smoking. There is even one for Alzheimer's. Wellcat wants to know why there aren't patches for a runny nose or a bad hair day? Be careful what you wish for, Wellcat. They tried a mourning-cheat patch on "Eureka," and there was a pharmaceutical cocktail for everyone on an episode of "Sliders." Can transdermal patches for hangnails and sour moods be that far away?

American Red Cross Founded

She didn't have patches but she did have gauze in her first aid kit. "Clara Barton knew nothing about nursing when the war started. She was working as a copy clerk at the Patent Office when casualties of the Baltimore mob attack on the 6th Massachusetts were brought into Washington. She volunteered to help, and spent the rest of her life helping others," according to the Ohio State University's Department of History. Clara Barton and her associates established the American Red Cross on May 21, 1881.

Strawberries and Cream Day

You can justify topping fresh fruit with rich cream. Strawberries are a good source of vitamin, antioxidants, potassium, manganese and fiber, according to World's Healthiest Foods. Whip up some real whipped cream and sweeten it with real sugar. Top sliced strawberries with the cream for a quick dessert. For a fancier presentation, layer the strawberries and cream in a dessert glass. Liqueur is optional. Or try an easy recipe for a low-fat recipe of strawberries with chocolate "cream" (yogurt).

More ways to top those strawberries:

* Greek yogurt

* Creme fraiche

* Sour cream

National Waitstaff Day

Do you have any idea how little the person bringing you your breakfast or your medium well burger is paid per hour? The federal minimum hourly wage for tipped employees is $2.13, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Some states set the minimum higher and some states "set subminimum rates for minors and/or students or exempt them from coverage." Other states, including Alaska, California and Nevada don't have a separate minimum wage for tipped and non-tipped employees.

When you eat out, tipping is not an option, it's part of the waitstaff's take home pay. So how much should you tip the waitstaff? Between 13 percent and 20 percent, with 13 being on the minimum end. If you're unsure and like to leave the average, multiply the tax by three. Try to base your tip on the service. If you have an issue with the food take it up with the manager.

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