May 24: International Tiara Day, First U.S. Telegraph Line, Escargot Day, Scavenger Hunt Day, Brothers Day

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International Tiara Day

International Tiara Day is not what you think. It's a day to "embrace and celebrate" your powers of leadership. You don't need to wear a real tiara, you can don a metaphorical tiara. Or maybe it is about the shiny rhinestones. The Miss American Rose Pageants is the group behind the holiday. Did you know that tiaras have their own carrying cases that look like old-fashioned train cases or cosmetic cases?

First U.S. Telegraph Line

"What hath God wrought?" Samuel F. B. Morse sent the question, the first officially telegraphed words, on May 24, 1844. The message was sent from the U.S. Supreme Court room in Washington to Alfred Vail in the Mount Clare station of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co. according to Today in Science.

"The first advancement of the telegraph occurred around 1850 when operators realized that the clicks of the recording instrument portrayed a sound pattern, understandable by the operators as dots and dashes," according to the Smithsonian Institution. By 1851, there were over 50 separate telegraph companies operating in the U.S.

Escargot Day

Julia Roberts couldn't handle them in "Pretty Woman." But the French have no problems eating 40,000 metric tons of snails each year, according to Food Reference . Escargot is one of those dishes that you should have someone else prepare for you, at a restaurant. Don't worry, you'll be in good hands. Restaurants dish up approximately one billion snails each year.

Scavenger Hunt Day

Chances are snails won't be showing up on a scavenger hunt list, if you're lucky. Clothes pins are a more likely candidate. During a scavenger hunt, participants are provided a list of common and obscure items to find. The hunt can be short and limited to a house, or it can be a 24-hour event where cars are allowed. The list can be tailored to any age group or with a theme.

Some official scavenger hunts on May 24, 2012:

* Asheville, N.C.: "Scotty's Scavenger Hunt" - a one-week long hunt

* D.C. Metro: MINI scavenger hunt

* Harlingen, Texas: "History is in the Details"

Brothers Day

Enjoying a scavenger hunt together is one way to celebrate Brothers Day. The holiday for all types of brothers, not just the biological ones. If you're step-brothers, half-brothers, fraternity brothers, best friends or brothers in arms, May 24 is all about you. Famous brothers in history:

* Orville and Wilbur Wright, credited with first flight

* Funny brothers: Marx brothers, Wilson brothers, Wayan brothers

* Acting brothers: Baldwin brothers, Affleck brothers, Sheen and Estevez

* Musical brothers: Jacksons, Jonas, Bee Gees, Hanson

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