May's Job Numbers Indicate Economic Disaster Ahead

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Amid May's poor job numbers -- 69,000 jobs added and an uptick in unemployment to 8.2 percent -- Yahoo! News asked undecided voters how the struggling economy is coloring their vote. Here's one on-the-fence voter's perspective.

COMMENTARY | If I had to vote today, I would be voting for Mitt Romney and praying his policies will be more effective than President Barack Obama's Band-Aids.

As an uncounted unemployed statistic in my late 40s in Mountainair, N.M., I cannot help but feel May's job numbers accurately reflect what is truly going on with the economy. I am not eligible to receive unemployment, and I know a number of people who are in the same boat and, therefore, we do not count in the reported numbers.

This back-slide -- the first increase in reported unemployment numbers in 11 months and the fewest jobs added in a year -- is just the beginning of the downfall. Obama used a temporary Band-Aid to try to fix our worsening situation. Now the Band-Aid is falling off and there is no real relief coming.

President Obama says he needs four more years to finish what he started with health care reform. I am not sure our economy can handle four more years of his spending practices. We need a change in leadership to get us headed in the correct direction.

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