A Message to Texas Members of Congress: Keep Your Pledge

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Woven into the story of the fiscal cliff fight is Grover Norquist's anti-tax pledge that many congressional Republicans have signed, promising not to agree to tax hikes. But do constituents want their representatives to compromise or stick to their vows? Here's one voter's take.

COMMENTARY | One of my senators, John Cornyn, and my representative, John Culberson, are signers of Americans for Tax Reform pledge to not raise taxes. Incoming Sen. Elect Ted Cruz has also signed the pledge, according to the El Paso Times.

I fully expect for all three gentlemen to keep their promise and not vote to raise taxes as part of a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. The pledge they signed was a promise to their constituents and breaking it would show an unbecoming contempt for the people who voted for them. They could not expect to enjoy any support if they were to act so.

Raising taxes in the middle of an economic slowdown is madness and would likely push the American economy back into a recession. The federal budget contains sufficient bloat within it that cutting it would place the country back on the path of fiscal solvency without caving into President Obama's evident desire to punish to the so-called rich. Obama's re-election victory has not changed that fact.

There is also no evidence that Obama and congressional Democrats are serious about cutting spending at all. The Financial Times, for instance, reports that the Democrats are resisting proposals to reform entitlements by, for example, means testing them. A "deficit reduction" package that consists of only tax increases would be worst than no package at all. Republicans, therefore, must stand firm or else cease to earn the support of their constituents.

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