Michael Phelps Denies He's Planning a Comeback

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Michael Phelps Denies He's Planning a Comeback

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Michael Phelps Denies He's Planning a Comeback

Michael Phelps, who retired from swimming following last year's London Olympics, is coming back! At least, that's what one Fort Myers anchorman is insisting:

EXCLUSIVE: I have confirmed that Michael Phelps is planning a comeback. nbc-2.com/story/22286148…

— Peter Busch (@peterbuschTV) May 17, 2013

@yahooforde @espn Michael Phelps is coming back. nbc-2.com/story/22286148…

— Peter Busch (@peterbuschTV) May 18, 2013

And the swimming world was thrilled!

Rumors confirmed!@michaelphelps is planning a comeback! @peterbuschtv fb.me/252ZgpE9I

— SwimmingWorld (@SwimmingWorld) May 17, 2013

According to the short article, Phelps will "begin training this weekend at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs" in an effort to compete in the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. Or maybe he's just trying to score his own E! reality show

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Or maybe he isn't coming back after all. At least, that's what some guy named Michael Phelps is saying:

Why do I keep getting texts about coming back? Do ppl really believe everything they hear or read? There are ... m.tmi.me/VVJFR

— Michael Phelps (@MichaelPhelps) May 18, 2013

Then again, Phelps' tweet didn't specifically say yes or no, did it? And Peter Busch insists that his reporting was sound:

Phelps just sent tweet insinuating that he's not coming back, but I feel very confident with my info. Guess we'll see.

— Peter Busch (@peterbuschTV) May 18, 2013

At the very least, we have confirmation that Phelps does, from time to time, still swim:

Lifeguarded for and swam with Michael phelps at work today. I love my job #interlachen instagram.com/p/ZbWhfEDxw8/

— Stephen Timmes (@stephen_timmes) May 17, 2013

As of this writing, the 2016 Olympic games are 1,174 days away.

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