Microsoft partners say Windows 8 caused ‘millions of customers’ to switch to Apple
Microsoft partners say Windows 8 caused 'millions of customers' to switch to Apple

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With PC sales crashing and burning, it’s not surprising that several PC OEMs are still fuming about Windows 8, the operating system that has so far failed to reignite the PC industry. And now two unnamed OEM sources have told ZDNet that Microsoft and Windows 8 are primarily to blame for the accelerated decline in PC sales, with one source claiming that Windows 8 is “destroying” the PC industry and another claiming that the new operating system has “handed over millions of customers to Apple.” These criticisms of Windows 8 from OEMs are nothing new, of course, as a Samsung executive earlier this year called the new operating system “no better than Vista” while the CFO of Asus said that “demand for Windows 8 is not that good right now.” And unless PC sales start turning around later this year, Microsoft should expect to hear a lot more of this sort of criticism from its manufacturing partners.

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