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  • Dozens of migrants missing in sinking off Libya coast: navy

    Dozens of African migrants were missing and feared dead after their boat sank off the coast of Libya, a Libyan navy spokesman told AFP on Monday. Only 36 of the migrants, including three women, were rescued after the boat carrying some 200 migrants sank in waters east of Tripoli on Sunday, Colonel…

    AFP37 mins ago
  • Indonesia: 4 suspected militants are China Uighurs

    JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Four suspected Islamic militants arrested in Indonesia over the weekend are members of China's ethnic Uighur minority community and were trying to meet Indonesia's most wanted extremist, authorities said Monday.

    Associated Press48 mins ago
  • Paris conference to plan fight against Islamic State

    Top officials from around the world, including US Secretary of State John Kerry, met in Paris on Monday to fine-tune their strategy against Islamic State militants, with emotions running high after the beheading of a third Western hostage. Just hours before the conference began, France announced…

  • U.S. sees Middle East help fighting IS, Britain cautious after beheading

    By Will Dunham and Andrew Osborn WASHINGTON/LONDON (Reuters) - Washington said countries in the Middle East had offered to join air strikes against Islamic State militants and Australia said it would send troops, but Britain held back even after the group beheaded a British hostage and threatened…

  • Australia contributing planes for anti-IS campaign

    CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Terrorists will use Australia's deployment of troops and war planes to the Middle East as an excuse to target Australians, Prime Minister Tony Abbott warned on Monday.

    Associated Press
  • Several Arab countries offer to join air campaign on Islamic State, say U.S. officials

    By Jason Szep PARIS (Reuters) - Several Arab countries have offered to join the United States in air strikes against Islamic State targets, U.S. The officials declined to identify which countries made the offers.

  • Britain mourns slain hostage; another under threat

    LONDON (AP) — Now it's Britain's turn to mourn.

    Associated Press
  • White House still seeking coalition in Mideast war

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House said Sunday it will find countries willing to send combat troops to fight Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq, but it's too early to identify them.

    Associated Press
  • Rights group urges Yemen to probe use of force

    SANAA, Yemen (AP) — An international rights group urged Yemeni authorities on Sunday to investigate what it called "unnecessary use of lethal force" against demonstrators led by Shiite rebels in the capital who are demanding the reinstatement of fuel subsidies and the dismissal of the government.

    Associated Press
  • Kerry says some nations offer ground troops to fight Islamic State

    Secretary of State John Kerry said he was "extremely encouraged" by pledges of military assistance against Islamic State militants by countries inside and outside the Middle East and that some nations had offered ground troops. On the CNN program "State of the Union," White House Chief of Staff…

  • Islamic State attracts female jihadis from U.S. heartland

    At least three Somali families in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area have female relatives who have gone missing in the past six weeks and may have tried to join Islamic State, said community leader Abdirizak Bihi. In a separate case, a 19-year-old American Somali woman from St. Paul snuck away from…

  • Australia answers U.S. call to join coalition fighting Islamic State

    By Morag MacKinnon PERTH Australia (Reuters) - Australia became the first country to detail troop numbers and aircraft for a U.S.-led coalition fighting Islamic State militants in Iraq, as Washington drums up support for global action to counter the terrorist threat. Australia Prime Minister Tony…

  • Japanese actress Shirley Yamaguchi dies at 94

    Japanese actress and singer Yoshiko "Shirley" Yamaguchi, who was nearly executed in China at the end of World War II, has died at the age of 94 after a life as dramatic as any of her films. Yamaguchi, who was born to Japanese parents in pre-war Manchuria, where her father worked for the railway,…

  • Incheon touts Asian Games amid worries over costs

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — As the port city of Incheon prepares to host the Asian Games, some are worried about what happens when the party leaves town.

    Associated Press
  • AP Enterprise: al-Qaida's Syrian cell alarms US

    WASHINGTON (AP) — While the Islamic State group is getting the most attention now, another band of extremists in Syria — a mix of hardened jihadis from Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Europe — poses a more direct and imminent threat to the United States, working with Yemeni bomb-makers to target U.S.…

    Associated Press
  • Sisi says coalition must battle Islamic State and others

    By Jason Szep and Shadi Bushra CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi told visiting U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that any global coalition against terrorism should battle not just Islamic State but other groups as well, the presidency said on Saturday. Egyptian security…

  • Merkel to rally fight against anti-Semitism

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Jewish leaders will speak Sunday at a Berlin rally against anti-Semitism after the latest Gaza conflict sparked an upsurge in hate speech against Jews. The event, to be attended by German President Joachim Gauck, coincides with a meeting in the capital of the…