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  • Why US Special Forces failed to rescue James Foley

    The failed attempt to rescue journalist James Foley before he was killed by Islamic State militants – and the ongoing efforts to track down other American hostages before it’s too late – illustrate a glaring shortcoming in US military capabilities: that good US military intelligence on these…

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  • Navy Adm. McRaven confirmed as Texas chancellor

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Navy Adm. William McRaven formalized his transition from a top U.S. military commander to academic leader Thursday, officially accepting the job as chancellor of the University of Texas System.

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  • Does the News of Foley's Failed Rescue Put Troops At Risk?

    Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, on Thursday issued a statement calling it "outrageous" for someone to have told reporters about the classified mission. Successful or not, such operations are incredibly sensitive, even after they have concluded.…

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  • U.S. Tried to Rescue Journalist James Foley From Islamic State Captors in Syria

    The U.S. mounted an unsuccessful operation inside Syria this summer to try to rescue several Americans held by extremists, including James Foley, the journalist who was beheaded this week.

    The Wall Street Journal
  • This Week in World War I, August 15-21,1914 Part 2

    Otto von BismarckThe Collapse of the Bismarckian System: Alternative Alliances and WW IBismarck is said to have once observed that, "German foreign and military policy was hostage to its geography." Lying astride the heart of the continent, the rise of German military power could simultaneously…

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  • A New Social Media App for Veterans Uses GPS Tracking to Save Lives

    Wood teamed up with Anthony Allman to create a free iPhone app dubbed Position Report, or POS REP for short, that aims to prevent vets from feeling alone and without resources. How do we make sure that veterans know they have a peer network they can rely on in a time of need?” said Allman of the…
  • Head of Guatemalan military dies in chopper crash

    GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — The head of the Guatemalan military's joint chiefs of staff died in a helicopter crash Wednesday near the border with Mexico.

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  • Islamic State 'beyond anything we've seen': US

    The Islamic State poses a greater danger than a conventional "terrorist group" and is pursuing a vision that could radically alter the face of the Middle East, US defense leaders said Thursday. The IS jihadists could be contained and eventually defeated by local forces backed by the United States,…

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    US Launches Six More Airstrikes Against ISIS

    Barrage targeted the Mosul Dam; British intelligence looks to identify who killed James Foley.

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  • AP NewsBreak: Navy kicks out 34 for nuke cheating

    WASHINGTON (AP) — At least 34 sailors are being kicked out of the Navy for their roles in a cheating ring that operated undetected for at least seven years at a nuclear power training site, and 10 others are under criminal investigation, the admiral in charge of the Navy's nuclear reactors program…

    Associated Press
  • Chuck Hagel could take military gear back from local cops -- but probably won't

    A Pentagon spokesman said this week that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has the power to unilaterally stop the military's 1033 program, which donates hundreds of millions of dollars of excess military gear and weapons to local police forces annually. Rear Admiral John Kirby said, "The secretary…

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    Officials: Commanders Want More Iraq Airstrike Power

    U.S. military commanders in the Middle East are urging the Pentagon to intensify the air war against ISIS targets in Iraq. Many of their units have remained in the open, are readily identified, and, relatively easy to kill by airstrikes. The attacks destroyed or damaged six Humvees that militants…

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  • Apollo Education Offers New Military Counseling Certificate

    University of Phoenix (UOP), a subsidiary of Apollo Education Group, Inc. (APOL) recently launched a Military Family Counseling Certificate program.

  • U.S. Special Forces Attempted to Rescue James Foley This Summer

    Pentagon officials have said that earlier this summer, military special forces were sent into Syria to rescue American citizens being held captive by ISIS. Journalist James Foley was reportedly among these hostages.  The secret mission arrived on the ground in Syria where they believed Foley and…

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  • US special ops tried but failed to find hostages

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama sent special operations troops to Syria this summer on a secret mission to rescue American hostages, including journalist James Foley, held by Islamic State extremists, but they did not find them, officials say.

    Associated Press
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  • Dempsey hits Islamic militant 'end-of-days' vision

    WASHINGTON (AP) — America's top-ranked military officer says the surging Islamic State group has an "apocalyptic, end-of-days strategic vision" in the Middle East and cannot be defeated unless the United States and a coalition of partners confront it head-on in Syria.

    Associated Press
  • Gaza militants kill 18 alleged spies for Israel

    GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Gaza gunmen killed 18 alleged spies for Israel on Friday, including seven who were lined up behind a mosque and shot after midday prayers, in response to Israel's deadly airstrikes against top Hamas military commanders.

    Associated Press22 mins ago
  • Japan mulls building its own fighter jets: report

    Japan is considering building its own fighter jets after years of playing second fiddle in a US construction partnership, a report said Thursday, in a move likely to stoke fears of its military resurgence among Asian neighbours. Japan's attempt in the 1980s to build its first purely domestic…