Minnesota Vikings Offer Brett Favre a Huge Contract to Not Retire

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Brett Favre (pictured) is back with the Vikings; allegedly.

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Brett Favre (pictured) is back with the Vikings; allegedly.

Brett Favre has a new contract offer from the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings don't want Favre to retire, and the contract offer is a huge raise over what Favre would have made had he just decided to come back for the 2010 NFL season. Under the new contract offer, Favre would get a base raise to $16 million just to stay one more season with the Vikings. Last year, Favre made $13 million to be the quarterback for Minnesota, and now they are starting out with a $3 million raise in the contract. That's not all, though, as reports are stating that Minnesota is willing to put a number of incentives into the deal to make sure that Brett Favre no longer has a reason to retire from the National Football League.

Is this going to be enough to persuade Favre not to retire? It would seem that Favre would love to get a pay raise if he is already expecting to come back to the team, but it had seemed on Monday that Favre was done with his career in the NFL. Several reports coming from sites like ESPN were relaying that Brett Favre was going to retire, and sources were stating that Favre already told Viking head coach Brad Childress that he was done. Then, several more reports came in that said Favre had texted some of his former teammates with the simple message "I'm done." Now it seems that nobody can find an accurate source who will confirm that Brett Favre is actually heading toward retirement, and even his close friend Ryan Longwell knows nothing of retirement talk.

There is a theory out there now that Favre just doesn't want to participate in training camp, and NBC Sports posted about that exact line of thinking. It might make the most sense, especially if Favre is still feeling like his offseason surgery hasn't allowed his injured ankle to heal properly. Getting more time to recover and recuperate might be what he is looking to achieve by holding out even longer, and it really seems like the Minnesota Vikings are going to bend over backwards to make sure that the doors stays open for as long as Favre might need. On the Tuesday, Aug. 3, episode of Pardon the Interruption, the hosts even commented that they wouldn't be surprised if Favre waited until the season started to come back to the Vikings. Maybe none of us should be surprised at this point.



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