'Mitt Romney Style' Is Gangnam Style Parody [VIDEO]


What happens when you take Mitt Romney and add a dash of "Gangnam Style?" Why, "Mitt Romney Style," of course.

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A College Humor parody music video features a Romney impersonator rap-singing and invisible-horse dancing for nearly three minutes. Posted Tuesday, it pretty much imitates Korean music sensation Psy's original video, complete with the requisite prance through stables.

Mocking Romney's reputation -- in some circles -- as a rich, out-of-touch elitist, the video portrays the Republican presidential candidate unapologetically living a lavish lifestyle.

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"I got distinguished hair and a private jet that flies me way up in the air," the lyrics go. "I bought a mansion for each one of my two dozen heirs. Straight up millionaire."

The video also references Romney's private comment to donors that 47% of Americans “believe they are victims” and "will vote for this president [Obama] no matter what." In one scene, the Romney lookalike sticks a "47%" sign on a waiter's back.

Check out the video, above, in its entirety. Let us know how you like it in the comments.

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