Mom Defends High-Energy Hip Hop Dance Video She Made While Seven Months Pregnant

A California mom with a passion for dance and a third child on the way has come out swinging at suggestions her high-energy hip hop moves could endanger her unborn baby.

Christina Litle, a 28-year-old Napa photographer who's been dancing nearly all her life, caused quite a stir when she posted a video in which she showcases her impressive moves while 27 weeks pregnant.

While discussing the online reaction to her video, Litle told INSIDE EDITION she believes her rump shaking isn't just safe--it's also kept her body strong and better prepared for labor.

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"There are ways to be careful," Litle told IE. "But if you have the energy, you use it...The dancing kept my body strong."

Litle, who's been dancing since the age of five and used to teach weekly dance classes, admits not everyone should try what they see at home.

But she danced through her previous pregnancy and acually ended up giving birth a full two weeks late. "My babies stay in there," she joked.

If she believed her dancing could cause her child any harm, Litle said she would put her dance shoes on the shelf.

"[My doctor] never had to bring that stuff up," Litle explained. "My pregancies have always been top notch...I'm textbook all the time."

After all, she said, women in eras gone by worked in fields and factories until the last days of their pregnancies.

The facts haven't stopped the "Facebook experts", as Litle calls them, from lashing out at her in various comments sections and on social media, including on the ViralHog YouTube account.

"WHAT IF SHE FELL?!" demanded one commenter.

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Another said: "She’s going to detach her placenta from the umbilical cord, she needs to calm down."

The suggestion that her unborn child could somehow suffer "shaken baby syndrome" seemed to rattle Litle the most.

"That's so absurd," she told IE. "People automatically think of the baby banging against a cement wall."

In spite of the backlash, Litle says the response has been overwhelmingly positive and comments on her YouTube account like 'You can ROCK!!!' and "This is awesome!" appear to back up her claim.

Litle said she's even inspired other women to reach out to her and say they, too, danced up until the very end of their pregnancies and that "naysayers tend to get bombarded" by all the support.

She also had some advice for commenters with harsh words for people like her who've elected to put themselves in the spotlight for a cause they believe in.

"That's somebody's mother, friend, wife,' she told IE. "That's important: just be kind."

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