Mom Delivers Baby at Upstate New York Zoo

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This kid is in for a wild ride.

A 21-year-old gave birth to her new girl on Friday… while walking on a wildlife path at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, the San Francisco Gate reports.

The woman was near the bear exhibit when she went into labor. Luckily, Liz Schmidt, an educator at the zoo, is also a first responder, so she was able to help deliver the child safely. An ambulance arrived shortly after the quick delivery.

She's not the first mom-to-be that Mother Nature has caught by surprise.

Earlier this year, a woman gave birth to her new daughter at a NASCAR track parking lot, Fox News reports.

Shawna Arnold was driving to the hospital with her boyfriend in September. She thought they would be able to make it on time for delivery, but they had to stop en route for the delivery. The unlikely locale was the New Hampshire Motor Speedway parking lot in Loudon, N.H.

Arnold delivered the baby safely, and an EMT from the track came out to help the couple. The best part: The kid scored free NASCAR tickets for life.

Perhaps the most unexpected of all: In July, a bride gave birth at her own wedding, AFP reports.

The newlywed, who wasn't due for another week, had just said her vows at a town hall in Angers, France. She and her husband snapped photos and were ready to head to the reception, but the blushing bride suddenly felt sick and went back inside.

She delivered the child in the town hall just an hour after tying the knot.

Another place you don't want to give birth: On an airplane.

Last year, Aida Alamillo had gotten permission from her doctor to fly from Manila to San Francisco to visit her sick father, reports. The flight was scheduled for just a few days before she was due to give birth, but the doctor said she would be fine.

Not so much. Just a few hours before the long-haul flight landed in California, Alamillo started feeling labor pains. A flight attendant announced to the cabin that the mother was going into labor, and luckily, three nurses were on hand to help out.

The child, Kevin Raymar Francis Domingo, was born safely-Alamillo added the "Francis" middle name to mark the unexpected birth locale.

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