Morbid Facebook app "If I die" let's friends know when you've kicked the bucket

We’re not really going out on a limb when we say that death can be a sensitive subject. While we all accept that death’s cold grasp is always within reach, some prefer to ignore the inevitability of our mortality until it’s too late. That’s where, “If I die”, a new Facebook app, steps in to help.

“If I die” aims to help Facebook users before and after they meet their end by letting them record a video or text message and posting it on their wall.

While it all might sound a tad morbid and prove uncomfortable, rather than tread lightly around the subject, Willook, the developers of “If I die”, are trying to handle the subject matter by injecting a bit of dark humor in the hopes of diffusing the sensitive nature of the subject.

Given that death can often be unexpected, Willook says that ultimately its goal is to provide people with peace of mind. The website encourages people to leave behind a final farewell, a long-held secret, or even one last stinging insult. Users simply need install the app, record a five minute video or text post, and assign three good friends to act as “trustees” who are required to confirm the death with the application. Once the death has been verified via the app the message you left behind will be posted.

Whether Facebook users will be inclined to make use of “If I die” is uncertain. It certainly makes sense given the finite time we have on this earth – we just hope no one decides to pull a massive prank on their friends or loved ones.

This article was originally posted on Digital Trends

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