Most Employees Will Work Through the Holidays, But Get Little Done

While research shows that half of U.S. employees will work between Christmas and New Year's Eve, how much they'll actually accomplish is still up for debate.

A recent survey from Regus, a provider of flexible workplaces, revealed that 64 percent of business employees will work during the last week of the year – but nearly 40 percent of them don't plan to get much done.

Fifty-eight percent of those who said they are working plan to use the time to catch up on unfinished projects.

"Economic uncertainty and a slow-growth marketplace continue to put pressure on businesses to keep full steam ahead, so it is not surprising that workers plan to use this time to catch up on unfinished work," said Guillermo Rotman, CEO of Americas Regus."But are workers choosing to power-through the break really producing the best value for their efforts?"

Rotman said many managers believe that time off with the family can give employees a refreshed outlook and a chance to decompress before returning to work.

The research shows smaller business are the ones most likely to have employees working between Christmas and New Year's Day. Specifically, the study found that 68 percent of surveyed small companies will have employees on the clock, compared with just 49 percent of large businesses.

The holiday-productivity study was based on surveys of more than 12,000 business people in 85 countries.

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