Mystery Solved in the Skies of Sacramento

ABC News

A mystery aircraft has been reported buzzing over a Sacramento community for weeks, annoying residents.

The light plane has been flying in "regular patterns day and night for weeks over parts of Sacramento," according to ABC's Sacramento affiliate, KXTV.

Arden Park resident Richard King found a tracking map on, in which the website captures the plane flying in an almost perfect circle on the evening of March 8.

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ABC KXTV mystery plane jef 140319 16x9 608 Mystery Plane in the Skies of Sacramento

A mysterious single engine plane was seen circling Sacramento, March 19, 2014.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Allen Kenitzer initially told ABC News that the plane was likely a T-38 military training aircraft performing pattern work - but then later said the mystery plane, described by witnesses as a Cessna, had nothing to do with those planned exercises.

"We don't know the purpose of the flights," he said. "If an aircraft is operating in uncontrolled airspace, there's no requirement to talk with air traffic [control]."

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