New videos capture moment Nepal earthquake struck

New videos capture moment Nepal earthquake struck

Newly released video footage of Saturday's deadly earthquake in Nepal captures the moment the 7.9-magnitude quake struck.

A harrowing video taken by a tourist in Bhaktapur shows people in an ancient square scrambling to avoid debris falling from a building.

Footage from a Kathmandu traffic camera shows motorists and cyclists slow down at a busy roundabout and dozens of people spill into the street as the earth shakes. A large monument in the center of the roundabout was toppled, though no one appeared to be injured.

Closed-circuit television footage from inside a Kathmandu department store shows shoppers frantically trying to flee.

And a video taken by a Turkish tourist captures the quake from a balcony, showing birds circling and dust rising in Kathmandu. Oddly, a potted plant on the balcony's ledge did not fall.

Officials say the earthquake killed more than 5,800 people. That figure does not include the 19 people killed on Mount Everest in an avalanche that was triggered by the quake.