New study suggests eggs are as bad for you as smoking

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New study suggests eggs are as bad for you as smoking

New research into the thickening of arteries has revealed that egg yolks may be as harmful for your heart as smoking cigarettes.

The study measured carotid wall thickness – which is a key indicator of heart disease – in 1,231 patients and asked them about key points in their life.

Findings published in the journal of Atherosclerosis explained that researchers measured key factors such as how many cigarettes subjects smoked, exercise habits and how many egg yolks they ate.

Turns out, eating eggs and smoking tobacco increased carotid wall thickness in the same way and at the same speed.

"We believe our study makes it imperative to reassess the role of egg yolks, and dietary cholesterol in general, as a risk factor for coronary heart disease," the study authors wrote.

However, other research has argued that chicken eggs are actually good for you as they are packed with protein.

Pro-eggers also argue that although they do have a high level of bad cholesterol, they also may increase levels of ‘good cholesterol’ that protects against heart disease.

It’s all very confusing egg men.

At the moment, the National Heart Blood and Lung Institute in America recommends that you limit cholesterol intake to no more than 300mg a day – with an average yolk containing 200mg.

They also say you should eat no more than 4 whole eggs weekly, including those hidden in processed foods and baked foods like cakes.

However – don’t throw out your poacher just yet, the research is mainly a concern for those over the age of 40.

Still got a few dippy soldier years in us yet then. Eggcellent.

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