News Summary: Adding a cat to the Monopoly board

News Summary: Iron token defaulted, new cat in play for Hasbro's Monopoly game

Associated Press

MEOW, PURR, HISS: Cat, meet dog — as well as racecar, shoe, thimble, top hat, wheelbarrow and battleship. Monopoly fans booted the iron token, replacing it with a sleek, feline game piece.

SOCIAL MEDIA: The Facebook token vote sparked passionate efforts by fans to save their favorite tokens, and by businesses eager to pump up publicity by promoting tokens that represent their products.

THE GAME OF REAL ESTATE: Monopoly, owned by toy maker Hasbro, was first sold by Parker Brothers in 1935 and is based on the streets of Atlantic City, N.J. It has sold more than 275 million units worldwide.

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