News Summary: Cuban rat poison finds new market

News Summary: In Vietnam, a Cuban rat poison said to be safe for humans finds new market

Associated Press

PICK YOUR POISON: Rat poisons normally come with warnings against human consumption and medical directions about what to do if accidentally eaten. Not so "Biorat," a bait laced with salmonella that's produced in Vietnam by a Cuban-state owned company and is said to be harmless to humans.

NO RED TAPE: By operating in Vietnam, Labiofam can import ingredients free of any complications stemming from the U.S. trade embargo of Cuba that has been in force for decades.

BROAD RANGE: Labiofam produces an array of products alongside Biorat, from cancer treatments made from the stings of scorpions, larvacides that target mosquitoes, pesticides, even a probiotic range of yogurt.

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