News Summary: Toyota settles in fatal Utah crash

Another settlement for Toyota in sudden-acceleration suits, this time for death of 2 in Utah

Associated Press

SETTLEMENT: Toyota settled with the families of two people killed in a sudden-acceleration crash in Utah as part of a lawsuit that was to go to court next month. Paul Van Alfen and Charlene Jones Lloyd were killed when their Camry slammed into a wall near Wendover, Utah in 2010.

LONG ROAD: Last month, Toyota agreed to a settlement worth more than $1 billion to resolve hundreds of lawsuits claiming economic losses Toyota owners suffered when the Japanese automaker recalled millions of vehicles because of sudden acceleration problems.

LAWSUITS: Once investigators determined that an improperly sized floor mat trapped the accelerator and caused one of the crashes, there were recalls involving more than 14 million vehicles and a flood of lawsuits against Toyota.

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