'The Newsroom' Season 2 Heads to the Desert, Metaphorically Speaking

The Atlantic

The countdown to the show news nerds love to rage-watch ramped up last night with a season two teaser for The Newsroom that is as fitting as it is fascinating, because nothing says self-righteousness like desert-conquering. The clip, which aired before a rage-filled episode of Game of Thrones, is filled with all sorts of Aaron Sorkin-style defiance as the wind whips through hair and Jeff Daniels looks on as Will McAvoy and Jane Fonda is somewhere on a billboard, presumably because she's Jane Fonda.

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Season two is set to deal with the 2012 election, which didn't really take place in a desert, unless you're thinking about the barren hopes of the Romney campaign, in which case you can go ahead and consider this teaser metaphorical. Oh, it's all very emotional and overblown (as HBO teasers tend to be), but The Newsroom can be very emotional and overblown, on purpose, so the trailer seems weirdly perfect. 

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Of course, perhaps that's just the reason why some people are so excited: 

The @hbo trailer in the desert for #Newsroom is as colossally irritating as the show itself. And, of course, I can't wait til it starts.

— Ben Mankiewicz (@BenMank77) June 3, 2013
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