Newt Gingrich is the Gay Marriage Candidate

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COMMENTARY | Newt Gingrich has fired back at his ex-wife Marianne Gingrich after her allegations of open marriages and cheating, according to Christian Science Monitor. Anyone who supports gay marriage should consider voting for Gingrich as he is the candidate who would give the best chance of battling two of the popular arguments against gay marriage. How can people argue that the LGBT community could damage the values and sanctity of marriage when they vote for a straight man who has done it on his own?

The LGBT community and its supporters have pointed out the fact of the major argument against gay marriage being a religious one. In the last few years, the thought of gay marriage destroying the values of marriage has become more popular by the religious right as they try to find a scientific reason to deny homosexuals the right to marry.

In Gingrich, we have a candidate who has supposedly tossed out the values of marriage for years. The accusations of cheating and open marriages have plagued him in recent weeks and could cause many of his supporters to back off of this type of argument against gay marriage.

At the same time, isn't the Old Testament hard on people who have committed adultery or had excess lovers outside of the person they have committed to? How can someone make a religious argument against gay marriage when they have voted for someone who the Old Testament states should be stoned? Even though Gingrich does not support the ideas and ideals of gay marriage, how can he make arguments against with the life which he has supposedly led?

One of the first steps toward acceptance is overcoming the negativity against your stance. The history which Gingrich has had in the marriage department battles both of the major arguments against gay marriage. How can people argue against gay marriage and vote this candidate into office at the same time? If Gingrich wins the presidency, gay marriage supporters have an unwilling ally in the White House.

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