Next Angry Birds May Be From The Pigs' Point of View [REPORT]

Next Angry Birds May Be From The Pigs' Point of View [REPORT]

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The next version of Angry Birds may put the pigs in the driver’s seat, having them fight to protect the eggs they stole from the birds.

According to , Rovio has plans to release the game before Christmas this year. Much like Angry Birds, the pigs will have different strengths and skill sets that can be used to defeat the birds. Also like the original, the game will also have a catapult and wooden and stone structures.

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While Pocket-lint claims to have seen screenshots of the game in action, it does not have any of those shots available to be published. Based on those photos, the site believes that the mission of the game would be to protect eggs from oncoming birds in a traditional game setup; however, how gameplay would work is still not clear.

Angry Birds for an eagles-themed version of the game as well as social media marketing pushes and Angry Birds themed Jumbotron replays.

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The birds also Angry Birds Seasons, bringing the adventure to Piglantis where the birds can go underwater as well as in the air.

What do you think about potentially putting the pigs in charge of a version of Angry Birds? Would you play it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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