Nice Criminals: Burglar Steals Deliveryman's Car, Still Delivers Chinese Food

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Well, that was kind of nice of him.

Last week, Keith Hinds stole a Chinese-food deliveryman's car…and then decided to deliver the remaining orders to the restaurant's hungry customers, NBC reports.

The deliveryman (in West Hartford, Connecticut), had apparently left his car running in a middle school parking lot. When he realized it was gone, he called the police and asked his boss to let everyone know their dinners wouldn't show up.

But customers said they had already received their orders--which, of course, made it easy for police to track down Hinds. When the cops found Hinds, he also had a joint, a crack pipe, Seroquel (an antipsychotic drug).

He's not the first criminal to do a few chores in the middle of a crime spree.

In South Bend, Indiana, one burglar broke into an apartment and cleaned it up, NBC reports.

As in, he actually folded clothes, swept the floor, and even started cooking dinner (chicken and onions, with some broth).

Ashley Murray, the apartment's rightful residence, was shocked when she came home and saw the random man in her apartment.

She called the police immediately, but Keith Davis, the man who had broken in, insisted he was in his own apartment. Murray's son later said he recognized Davis as a neighbor from the apartment complex.

The only things he stole: a few swigs of orange juice. " But it's cool because he swept up my floor and folded my clothes," Murray said in the article.

In Cleveland this spring, one woman was called "the cleaning fairy burglar," reports.

Susan Warren, a 53-year-old, apparently broke into a house and tidied up. The kicker: She left the homeowner a $75 bill, written on a napkin, for the chores she did.

Sure enough, the resident found a few things out of place, but nothing was stolen.

When investigators called Warren, she yelled and said she "does this all the time," the article reports.

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