North Carolina Voters Solidly Behind Gay Marriage Ban

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MOORESBORO, N.C. -- Will North Carolina join the rest of the Southern states in adding a marriage amendment to the state constitution? Tuesday's vote seems to be looking like a definite "yes" in this still-religious area of the country, based on voter sentiment from around the state. (See a recent poll by the conservative Civitas Institute.) We talked to voters in North Carolina about their views a day ahead of Tuesday's vote. Here's a sampling.

"I believe in keeping marriage God's way. We don't need to be going in any other direction. This country can still be salvaged, but we need to do right." -- Yvonne Burr, kennel operator, Shelby

"I am for the amendment. Lies are being spread that this amendment would take insurance away from children. In reality there is no such language in this amendment. It is not backwards for me to make the assumption that it is the way God meant it to be. Healthier families [equals] healthier society, even though I know you cannot legislate morals." -- Shannon Kimbrell, homemaker, Indian Trail

"I am against the amendment. I believe it puts discrimination into the state constitution. Other states that have similar laws have seen it weaken domestic violence protection, and we already have marriage laws on the books anyway." -- Betsy Wells, Democratic Party worker and retired school teacher, Kings Mountain

"I may not understand all the ins and outs of the amendment, but I know that God said marriage was a male and a female, not two males, and not two females. It was Adam and Eve. This allows for the procreation that preserves our species, and we don't need to be changing to fit the whims of society." -- Derrik Conyers, maintenance worker, Charlotte

"I already voted for the amendment for two reasons: it is Biblically right and to protect my children. Our country was founded on Biblical principles and has since strayed far because Christians aren't standing up for what is right. If you look at other states where there has never been such an amendment, you can see what could happen in North Carolina. My children will not be forced to learn about 'parent 1 and parent' and 'other types of families.' Marriage is between one man and one woman as God intended from the beginning." -- Lori Brinkley, homemaker, Welcome

"Not only am I against homosexuality, but also I am against shacking up. Both are equal wrongs. I'm for how God designed marriage, the covenant of unity between one man and one woman. Also, this amendment is not to change any laws that the lawmakers put on the books. The amendment is to the Constitution to protect that law from being overturned by the Supreme Court." -- Kristi Birt Morrow, homemaker, Kings Mountain

"I am for the amendment. I am a pastor and two different members of my church with family members in the homosexual lifestyle have thanked me for standing for the truth and doing so out of love. We don't hate homosexuals. We love them and want them to come to Jesus. We see our county going deeper into sin, and we want to put up as many barriers as possible to keep people safe." -- Rev. Gene Mullis, pastor, Monroe

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