Which North Korea Did Anonymous Really Hack?

National Journal

North Korea is under attack—not from missiles or bombs, but from the hacking collective Anonymous. The group has reportedly broken into the country's Twitter and Flickr accounts, replacing content posted by Pyongyang's media team with links to other hacked sites and taunting images. But as The Washington Post's Caitlin Dewey points out, these are relatively minor hacks. A real coup for the hackers would have involved some penetration of North Korea's domestic Internet, not the common services the regime uses to talk to Westerners:

    The claim that hackers have gotten into North Korea’s intranet system has raised a few eyebrows, for instance, since the network is insulated from the outside world and not accessible outside the country. You can’t get to it from the Internet because it’s not on the Internet.

Perhaps with its next attack, set for April 19, Anonymous will demonstrate even greater disruptive potential. But for now it's probably inaccurate to say that "North Korea" was hacked.

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