North Korea accused of manipulating Kim Jong Un hospital visit photo

Dylan Stableford
Yahoo News
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

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The authenticity of another photograph released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) is being called into question by photo experts who say the image — showing leader Kim Jong Un visiting the construction site of a Pyongyang children's hospital — appears to have been altered.

The undated photo of Kim and other North Korean officials touring the grounds of the facility, released by KCNA on Oct. 6, includes some telltale signs of digital manipulation: fuzziness, odd shadows and unnatural lighting.

Even more suspect: Dennis Rodman, Kim's unlikely friend, was not with the group.

Others, though, argue "a single light point above the camera or even a reflector" could be to blame for the numerous anomalies.

It's not the first time an image released by the country's state-run media has been scrutinized. Earlier this year, KCNA distributed a photo of a military exercise that included several extra hovercraft, which the Atlantic noticed "had been pasted into the scene."

Agence France-Press and other Western photo agencies later pulled the photo, due to "evidence of tampering."

And North Korea has something of a history of manipulating government-issued photos.

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