Nov. 14: National Pickle Day, Louise Brooks Birth Anniversary, World Orphans Day, International Girls Day

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National Pickle Day

You've probably heard of some interesting skin care tips including using cucumbers on eyelids. Even Cleopatra "attributed her good looks to a hearty diet of pickles" according to the New York Food Museum. Beyond their beauty uses, the art of pickling has been used since ancient times as a form of food preservation. Whether you like them sweet, half sour or dill, you can celebrate fermented cucumbers at the Peck Slip Pickle Festival on Nov. 13 at the New Amsterdam Market.

Brief history of pickles from the New York Food Museum:

* 2030 BC: Cucumbers brought from their native India helped begin a tradition of pickling in the Tigris Valley.

* 850 BC: Aristotle praised the healing effects of cured cucumbers.

* As early as 1606, pickles were being produced at home and commercially in Virginia.

* 1869: Henry John Heinz mass markets the first commercially manufactured pickle products in America.

* 2001: The first annual Pickle Day celebration, New York.

Louise Brooks Birth Anniversary

Before Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde or Megan Fox, there was Louise Brooks. She was the "It" girl of the 1920s. She was flapper style personified with a dark bob, straight brows, dark lips and lean figure. Brooks was a dancer and an actress ("Pandora's Box," "Diary of a Lost Girl") and she continues to be an iconic figure of beauty. Brooks was born on Nov. 14, 1906, and is credited with popularizing the sleek bob hairstyle.

World Orphans Day

There are "145 million children orphaned or displaced globally," according to World Orphans Day. The Stars Foundation uses the second Monday of November to bring awareness to displaced children, malnutrition (responsible for half of all child deaths worldwide) and the number of children orphaned due to AIDS (one every 14 seconds).

Contribute to the cause by helping out one of these top-rated charities. You can check out ratings for these and other charities on Charity Navigator.

* Warm Blankets Orphan Care International

* Save the Children

* The Miracle Foundation

International Girls Day

The theme of the day is "She Can Do Anything" according to International Girls Day. On International Girls Day (and every day) encourage your daughters, granddaughters, nieces and friends to follow their dreams. Whether the girl in your life likes to skateboard or play sports, encourages "girls to think big, embrace their unique talents, love themselves and accept one another."

Celebration ideas from the Confidence Coalition:

* Send and e-card to the special girl in your life.

* Discover a new interest, hobby, sport or activity.

* "Make a photo album or a scrapbook that celebrates your unique talents and strengths."

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