Nov. 22: Go for a Ride Day, National Cashew Day, Saint Cecilia Feast Day, Humane Society Anniversary

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Go For a Ride Day

Planes, trains and automobiles, bikes, horses and boats. Whatever your preferred mode of transportation is, go for a ride. Weather permitting, take a leisurely bike ride or take a sleigh ride through the snow. There are a number of scientific events supporting Nov. 22 as "Go For a Ride Day" according to Today in Science:

* Nov. 22, 1977: "Regular passenger service between New York and Europe on the supersonic Concorde began on a trial basis."

* Nov. 22, 1927: Carl J.E. Eliason of Saynor, Wisconsin patents the snowmobile.

* Nov. 22, 1904: Mathias Pfatischer of Philadelphia, Pa. receives a U.S. patent for "the first direct current, interpole, electric motor."

National Cashew Day

Not all fats are created equal, some are better than others. Cashews boast a lower fat content than most other nuts according to World's Healthiest Foods. One reason may be that cashews are not true nuts, but instead they are "seeds that adhere to the bottom of the cashew apple, the fruit of the cashew tree." These tasty seed are rich in magnesium, needed for strong bones. They can also help prevent those dreaded gallstones.

Celebrate National Cashew Day by making:

* Parmesan Panko Chicken Cutlets with Cashew Green Beans

* Rice Pilaf with Lime and Cashews

* Caramel Cashew Cookies

Saint Cecilia Feast Day

Saint Cecilia may remind you of the Greek Muses, specifically Euterpe and Polyhymnia. The Christian martyr is considered the patron saint of musicians and of church music. Celebrate Saint Cecilia Feast Day with poetry or by attending a musical event.

"After a glorious profession of faith, she was condemned to be suffocated in the bath of her own house. But as she remained unhurt in the overheated room, the prefect had her decapitated in that place. The executioner let his sword fall three times without separating the head from the trunk, and fled, leaving the virgin bathed in her own blood. She lived three days, made dispositions in favor of the poor, and provided that after her death her house should be dedicated as a church" according to Catholic Encyclopedia.

Humane Society Anniversary

A handful of people can change the world. A group of people concerned with animal welfare founded the Humane Society on Nov. 22, 1954. The group advocates on all animals behalf of pets to "reduce suffering and improve their lives" by advocating for better laws, providing animal rescue and caring for animals in sanctuaries and emergency shelters according to the Humane Society. They provide tips on

* Training or understanding pets

* Advocating for the well-being of farm animals

* Sharing the environment with wild animals.

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