Nov. 22: Start Your Own Country Day, National Cranberry Relish Day, National Stop the Violence Day, Antarctic Day

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Start Your Own Country Day

You've probably heard the old phrase, "It's hard to soar like an eagle when you're surrounded by turkeys." If you find yourself feeling that way more and more often, it may be time to consider starting your own country. In your own country you get to make the rules, set the limits and define the expectations.

Don't laugh -- many people have given the idea thoughtful consideration. There have even been books written on how to do it! In the words of one such book reviewer, "Why settle for being king of your castle when you can be king of your own country?"

If you'd like to get into the spirit of "Start Your Own Country Day," check out the 2010 documentary by Jody Shapiro entitled "How to Start Your Own Country" on Yahoo! Movies.

National Cranberry Relish Day

It's only fitting that since today is Thanksgiving, it should also be "National Cranberry Relish Day." I was well into my 20s before I realized there were other cranberry options to the jellied cranberry sauce that comes in a can. Now one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is making various cranberry relishes and chutneys.

If you're ready to break away from the congealed canned concoction, try one of these delicious relish variations from Yahoo! Shine.

Cranberry-Cherry Relish

Vidalia Onion-Cranberry Relish

Cranberry-Apple-Orange Relish

National Stop the Violence Day

On Nov. 22, 1963, America's beloved President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed as he traveled in his motorcade through Dallas. A stunned nation was left grieving and outraged in the wake of the violence that stole away their great leader.

Since 1990 we have recognized this day as "National Stop the Violence Day." Americans are encouraged to wear white ribbons to show their support for a non-violent society. You can also pay tribute to President Kennedy by watching the 1971 documentary "J.F.K." Check out the film details on Yahoo! Movies.

Antarctic Day

Tropical beaches get way too much hype. Today we celebrate "Antarctic Day!" Although you're probably not going to want to visit, there are other ways to celebrate. Here are some fun and interesting Antarctic facts:

* If the ice sheets of Antarctica melted, all the oceans of the world would rise by 200 to 210 feet!

* Antarctica is a great place to search for meteorites. Their dark colors show up really well against the white ice.

* In 2000, one of the biggest icebergs in history broke free from the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica. It was 183 miles long and 23 miles wide.

* The largest land animal in Antarctica is the midge, an insect that is less than half an inch long.

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