Now Announcing: The Ugliest Dog in the World

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Poor pooch: A beagle-boxer-basset hound mix was named the ugliest dog in the 25th annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest, the Associated Press tells us.

The annual Northern California competition crowned 4-year-old Walle on Saturday, and it's true: the pup is pretty ugly. He has a giant head and a waddling, duck-like gait that surprised and impressed the judges.

Even so, it was an upset for the competition, which more typically awards hairless Chihuahuas and Chinese Cresteds, the article explains.

Case in point: Last year's winner, named Mugly, was a bald eight-year-old crested with a beard of stringy hair that looks thick enough to be used as guitar strings, National Geographic explains.

Because the dog doesn't have any hair, you're more likely to notice moles, birthmarks, and all sorts of oddities-making the creature, of course, that much uglier. Another great example of ugly, hairless dogs was Yoda, the 2011 winner who passed away last year, according to the Telegraph.

The scrawny creature had one eye that was larger than the other, a mess of thin hair that stood up on ends like Einstein's mop, and skinny hairless legs. A monster, in the cutest way possible.

Dogs aren't the only pets who get attention because of their looks--or lack thereof.

In 2009, a cat named (appropriately) Ugly Bat Boy gained some attention for its horrifying looks, Metro UK tells us. People would come into the veterinary hospital where the eight-year-old cat lived to take pictures on their phones and ogle the poor creature, the article reports.

It's no wonder: The feline is almost entirely hairless (notice a theme here?)…except for an unruly mane of orange, lion-style hair that looks like it badly needs a wash and a blowout. Ugly's sister looked just like him, Metro explains, but she only survived a few weeks after they were born.

The good news: Ugly might have been unsightly, but he was perfectly healthy in every other way. And he's certainly not alone. The internet, as you know loves cats, which is why has a list of 22 hard-to-look-at kittens (including Ugly, naturally).

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