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Now You Can Color the Jawbone Jambox as Loud as It Plays

Now You Can Color the Jawbone Jambox as Loud as It Plays

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Jawbone made a name for itself selling Bluetooth earpieces that looked cool and actually worked, then took that knowledge to wireless speakers in the form of the Jambox. That could be why the Jambox is selling well, and is now the best-selling wireless speaker in the U.S., according to the company.

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It could also be clever marketing, like the just-launched Jambox remix site. Up till now the speaker was available in four different colors, each with slightly different styling. The new site lets customers mix and match different colors of the speaker grille with the plastic end caps.

While many products offer custom colors, not many match the sheer variety the Jambox now offers. With 13 different grill colors and 9 flavors of end caps, buyers can choose among 117 potential combinations.

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The custom coloring doesn't add anything to the price of the Jambox (it's still $199.99), and there are buttons for sharing your cool coloring to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.

Can't wait to start your Jambox project? You'll have to be a registered Jawbone customer to access the remix site until Aug. 28, but in an interesting quirk, the company is also giving Klout users an early look, hoping it'll spread by word of mouth.

Does custom coloring make you more inclined to get a Jambox? What other products would you like to see offer more custom styling? Sound off in the comments.

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