Obama Accuses Republicans of Putting Politics Before the People

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President Barack Obama focused on the economy and efforts to create jobs in his weekly address Saturday. According to video posted by CBS News, the president blamed the slow economic gains of the nation primarily on the reluctance of Republicans to back his jobs initiatives.

* USA Today also carried the president's address in which he reiterated key components of his jobs plan, including the need for the U.S. to reinvest in infrastructure as well as plans to put teachers, firefighters and police officers to work. He highlighted his plan to offer tax breaks to small-business owners and companies that focus on manufacturing that provide clean energy sources.

* Obama accused Republicans of stacking the legislative deck so any important economic decisions would essentially be gridlocked until after the election.

* While Obama said he blamed all Republicans for the lack of jobs growth, according to Reuters he likely was specifically aiming his speech at Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who last week said in regard to economic policy, "Why not wait for the reinforcements?"

* Obama said Republicans needed to stop thinking about themselves and their political agenda and instead about the need to create jobs.

* Obama also asserted that "Every problem we face is in our power to solve. ... What's lacking is our politics," as quoted by Politico. He maintained he is willing to work with anyone to get the economy back on track and create jobs.

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