Obama Attends Six Fundraisers on East Coast

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President Barack Obama spent today on the East Coast attending fundraisers in Maryland and Pennsylvania before returning to Washington. USA Today reported the president spent the bulk of his day at events in Baltimore and Philadelphia.

* He reportedly started in Owings Mills, Md., at a private fundraising event held by a longtime supporter. He was joined by Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley.

* Obama told attendees "the American people generally agree with our vision" and the country was "moving in the right direction," The Baltimore Sun reported. He also said his administration had "been able to right the ship a little bit" but needed another term to be able to continue the progress it has made.

* Obama criticized the economic plans of challenger Mitt Romney, telling attendees "you can put their campaign in a tweet and have characters left to spare," Bloomberg News reported. An entry on Twitter contains a maximum of 140 characters.

* Tickets for the private event reportedly cost $10,000 to $50,000 per person, while the tickets for the two events in Baltimore started at $250 per person, according to the Associated Press.

* O'Malley said he and Obama were hoping to raise $1 million during the five hours the president was due to spend in the state. According to ABC News, the president's campaign representatives said they were looking to raise more than $3.6 million for the Obama Victory Fund.

* Obama's attendance at six scheduled events in one day ties a record established earlier in the campaign season. Obama has attended 21 fundraising events this month and more than 163 in the campaign cycle.

* Obama is due to travel to fundraising events in Cleveland and New York in the next few days.

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