Obama 'Born in Kenya' Booklet Raises Questions

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COMMENTARY | A 1991 information booklet printed by Barack Obama's then literary agent that states that he "--was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii" has surfaced, according to Big Government. This has lit a torch under the birther movement.

To reiterate before we go further, the booklet in no way "proves" the theory that President Obama was born in Kenya, is therefore not a natural born citizen, and therefore not legally president. He was born in Hawaii, therefore a natural born citizen, therefore the constitutionally elected president.

But then the question arises, why suggest that the young Barack Obama, then an aspiring author, was born in Kenya when he was not? Hot Air suggests that the motivation was to embellish Obama's biography to make him more interesting. One of Obama's former agents claims that the listing was the result of a fact-checking error and that the biographical data was not provided by Obama himself. Big Government maintains that this error persisted at least until 2007, when Obama was a United States senator and candidate for president of the United States.

Obama is not the first public figure to have had his biography goosed up, even though at the time the object was to sell a book that he was working on at the time and not get him elected to public office. The fact that the embellishment has surfaced to bite the president over 20 years later is an example of what happens when one cannot keep lies straight.

If Obama did not provide his biographical information to his then literary agent, then who did? Why was the false information not corrected for 16 years, by which time the impression that Obama was born overseas would be an impediment to his being elected president?

Who is Barack Obama, anyway? That is not a frivolous question. One gets the impression that the public persona of the president is a carefully constructed façade designed to enhance his reputation rather that to enlighten people about the man who has been president for over three years.

The publication of two new biographies, "The Amateur" by Edward Klein and the upcoming "Barack Obama: The Story" by David Maraniss suggests that the vetting of the president, which should have happened four years ago, is still ongoing. That it's taking place now should be the cause of soul searching by the media.

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