Obama cuts line at famed Texas barbecue joint (but pays for lunch)

Obama cuts line at famed Texas barbecue joint (but pays for lunch)

Some people wait in line for five hours just to get their fix at Austin’s famous Franklin Barbecue. And who can blame them? The establishment is less than 10 years old but has been cited as the nation’s best.

Of course, President Obama is not “some people.” After a campaign-style speech in Austin on Thursday afternoon, the commander in chief made a stop by Franklin Barbecue and was quickly ushered to the front of the line.

It’s common practice to let a president cut to the front of the line at a dining establishment. After all, the president arguably has the busiest schedule on the planet. Plus, having a president standing in one place only creates headaches for everyone else who is just trying to get some food.

The real etiquette test comes in how the president and his staff carry themselves after cutting to the front of the line.

In this case, it seems Obama handled himself well  paying for the meals of the two customers behind him in line  Bruce Finsted and his daughter Faith.

Then again, when he saw how big their order was, even the most powerful man in the world was caught off guard: three pounds of beef, two pounds of ribs, a half pound of sausage and a half pound of turkey.

"Hold on, now. How many folks are you guys feeding? Just kidding," Obama said.

Turns out they had family already seated at a table before the president walked in.

Initially, Obama took out his wallet and removed some cash to pay. But he then reportedly decided it would be best to put the tab, including meals for his traveling staff, on a credit card. All said and done, lunch reportedly cost around $300.

Meanwhile, along the Texas border, potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry was paid a visit by Fox News host Sean Hannity. No word yet on what, if anything, the two men had for lunch, but it’s safe to assume they weren’t dining on North Carolina-style barbecue.

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