Obama Needs to Act on DOMA, Taxes

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A day after voters re-elected Barack Obama, Yahoo! asked them what they'd like the president to tackle in his second term. Here are one voter's thoughts.

COMMENTARY | Now that the election campaign is behind us, it is time for President Obama to get to work fulfilling his campaign promises. He won my vote, now I am looking forward to seeing that vote in action. Now he needs to make good on some campaign promises.

Repeal DOMA

President Obama took an unprecedented step when he said publicly that he supports the gay marriage, according to ABC News. It is time to stop spending money enforcing a law that denies tax-paying citizens of this country the legal rights of marriage. The money spent defending DOMA in courts could be better spent on any number of things, including paying down our debt. John Boehner and House Republican leaders gave themselves $1.5 million to defend the act, and spent all of it, according to The Huffington Post. Repealing DOMA would save the government money while giving everyone the right to the legal benefits of marriage.

Address the Alternative Minimum Tax

Obama needs to take action on the alternative minimum tax and the "fiscal cliff." He must work with Congress to find a way to prevent middle-class voters from seeing significant tax increases. The Washington Post reports that the average tax bill could go up by $3,700. My fear is that Obama will not be able to overcome the gridlock that plagued him during the debt level crisis of last year. House Speaker John Boehner is already prepping Republicans for a showdown; he hosted a conference call hours after the election, according to Politico. Obama needs to rally his troops now to come up with a plan that is fair to the middle class, by putting some of the burden on the very wealthy, just as he promised during the campaign.

-- Whitney Levon, 34, Chicago

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