Obama Promises Lower Gas Prices and Defends Keystone XL Decision

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President Obama signed an executive order earlier this week approving the Keystone XL pipeline connecting Cushing, Okla., to the Texas Gulf Coast, National Public Radio reports. Obama concluded his four-state energy tour at Ohio State University in Columbus on Thursday. While in Ohio, Obama toured an experimental "high-tech" automotive facility and viewed the "fasted electric car in the world," the Buckeye Bullet 2, according to the Columbus Dispatch. The automotive research center has garnered millions in federal funding for fuel-cell and hybrid propulsion research.

Here are some facts about Obama's energy tour and the Keystone XL pipeline:

* President Obama "rebuked" Congress for "playing politics" with the Keystone XL pipeline decision during a speech in Oklahoma earlier this week, the AP reports. President Obama claimed that Congress refused to allow enough time to review the potential health and safety issues relating to the 1,170-mile pipeline.

* The Columbus Dispatch reports that gas prices in many states, including those on the energy tour peaked at near $4 per gallon Thursday.

* Obama is attempting to "combat" the image that he is not doing enough to decrease gas prices during the energy tour, CBS News reports. Obama stated during a tour speech in Nevada that the nation will continue to produce gas and oil at a "record pace."

* Natural Resources Defense Council representative Susan Casey-Lefkowitz told the AP that President Obama's decision on the Keystone XL pipeline was "downright foolhardy." Casey-Lefkowitz also noted a history of oil spills within the industry.

* The proposed plan for the entire stretch of the Keystone XL pipeline is estimated to transport more than 500,000 barrels from Canada to Gulf Coast refineries daily, according to CNN Money.

* Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly stated Obama is taking a hit in the polls due increasing gas prices. Gas prices have doubled during Obama's term in office. Fox reports that approximately $100 billion of taxpayer funds have been invested in alternative energy products during the Obama administration.

* President Obama stated during the energy tour that his plan to increase fuel efficiency standards to 55 miles per gallon by 2025. Obama also remarked that the plan will help consumers when filling up at the pump and aid in the conservation of oil, the AP reports.

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