Obama's Green Jobs Claims Are Extremely Distorted

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COMMENTARY | There is no standard definition for the term "green jobs," so President Barack Obama's administration made up its own.

Jobs that Obama is claiming fall under an earth-friendly umbrella stretch the meaning of "green" beyond the realm of reasonableness. The "Green Jobs" initiative cost $38.6 billion or approximately $5 million per job, according to Forbes, and there just is not much to brag about considering the massive amount of taxpayer dollars spent.

Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa placed Obama's top Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) statistician in the congressional hot seat earlier this week when he forced the staffer into a question-and-answer session about jobs the administration claim are "green," according to hearing video excerpts republished by Forbes.

The extensive laundry list of "green jobs" even includes the janitor at a solar panel plant and a worker employed part-time at a used record or clothing shop, hearing testimony notes. The Obama administration's twisted definition of "green jobs" even permits an oil lobbyist promoting environmentally friendly fuel initiatives to be included in the jobs created or saved statistics. As Issa began his fast-paced "is this a green job" questioning during the hearing, you could almost hear a collective groan of disbelief from taxpayers.

The verbal exchange would have been humorous if Obama's unsustainable "green jobs" spending did not amount to taxpayer abuse. The video highlights the ludicrously broad definition the BLS and Obama apply to the term "green jobs."

You could be working in a "green job" right now and not even realize it. Common sense may dictate that claiming Obama created or saved a "green job" requires some type of enrollment into a government funding program before becoming a statistic, but it does not, according to Fox News.

A janitor mopping floors at a Solyndra-type plant is no more a "green" worker than the woman who washes sheets at a hospital is a health care worker. The BLS staffer failed to note if the "green" custodian was even required to clean the restrooms using earth-friendly products.

A job created is a job created; attempting to disguise a custodian as a "green" worker only diminishes Obama's credibility even further. Obama does not deserve "green jobs" credit because an unemployed or underemployed American with an earth-friendly mindset decides to rent a booth at the local flea market and sell used items to help pay the monthly bills.

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