Obama's 'Julia' Story Creepy and Sexist

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COMMENTARY | The campaign to re-elect President Barack Obama has created a slide show about a typical American female named Julia and how, a every stage of her life, she is blessed by Obama and has her life blighted by Mitt Romney.

The gist of the message is that thanks to the cradle-to-grave programs that Obama and previous Democrats have enacted, Julia's life will be worry-free. However, if Mitt Romney becomes president, all of that goes away and Julia's life becomes a living hell.

It is unknown whether Julia was named after Winston Smith's girl friend in the iconic novel "1984."

The righty punditcracy has reacted fast, quick, and in a hurry. Human Events wonders who this Julia person is and why do we have to pay for her life. Hot Air, rather caustically, imagines Julia's life as it really would be lived under the socialism that is meant to shower her with benefits that the administration apparently thinks are for free.

The term "creepy" has been used more than once to describe the story of Julia. Another term applies even better -- sexist.

Liberal Democrats regard women pretty much as 1950s era men did, as frail, delicate little creatures who needed taken care of. But while those men would marry the women, get a job, and provide them with a hearth and home, the liberals want to take care of women through massive, expensive government programs. At least in the former arrangement, the man paying to take care of the woman in question got love, sex, home-cooked meals, a clean house, and children. In Obama's plan for Julia, the people paying for it don't even get a thank-you.

Women, the in the liberal imagination, are certainly not like Elizabeth I, who once boasted that she would prosper if she were turned out in just her petticoat. The fact that Sarah Palin is a smart, tough, self-reliant lady who can not only cook, but shoot her own food sends the left into a rage. Too many examples like Elizabeth and Palin and Julia might conclude she can make it on her own.

Indeed, just as Gloria Steinem once concluded that a woman needs a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle, perhaps the new version of the slogan should be a woman needs the government as a mamma grizzly needs a submarine.

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