Obama's Nearly All-White Staff Might Create a PR Disaster

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COMMENTARY | An American politician should be able to hire the most qualified campaign staff regardless of race. President Barack Obama might be violating federal civil rights laws due to the complexion of his campaign staff, according to The Daily Caller. The political correctness atmosphere created by liberals might come back to haunt the most far-left leaning president in the nation's history.

A photo taken at President Obama's Chicago campaign headquarters depicting an overwhelmingly white staff is causing concern for civil rights lawyers, the Daily Caller reports. Although the ethnic composition does not necessarily prove the president is violating discrimination statutes, the photo might not represent the image the campaign seeks to project.

The campaign's African-American Outreach Head Stefanie Brown sent an "urgent" memo requesting help finding "qualified" black staffers in state offices last month, according to Politico excerpts published on The Daily Caller. Politicians, even misguided liberal ones, should not have to jump through politically correct hoops or refuse qualified applicants of any race based upon an antiquated quota system.

Until progressives eliminate the desire for personal responsibility and thoroughly vilify the idea of success, America remains a land of opportunity. Politicians and employer should have the freedom to hire the best person for the job without fear of legal reprisals. Discrimination against a specific race, religion or gender is morally reprehensible, but a staff photo is not necessarily indicative that such illegal actions have taken place. A premium diversity ratio cannot be achieved if minority applicants opt out of the competition for a paycheck.

A Daily Caller black diversity consultant who contributed to the article stated the "nearly all-white" staff comes as no surprise based on the racial makeup of President Obama's senior election team. Any campaign would benefit from a staff that reflects the varying backgrounds of the American people. The skin color of Obama's staffers should be a public relations problem for the liberal leader and not a potential legal issue.

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