Obama's Sarah Jessica Parker Ad Reeks of Desperation

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COMMENTARY | President Barack Obama's campaign is filled with celebrity faces and eat dinner with the president contests, but it is totally lacking in substance. Obama illustrates how out of touch he is with voters far better than Mitt Romney could with even the most expertly written speech. Sarah Jessica Parker is a good actress, but is it doubtful the latest in a string of celebrity endorsements will resonate with voters concerned about their economic future.

The Obama commercial that debuted during an MTV awards show earlier informed the youthful viewing audience about a lottery-style contest that could land them at the dinner table with the actress, the president and the first lady on June 14, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The publicity stunt garnered a multitude of attention but for all the wrong reasons. Instead of trying to recapture the sparkle of the first Obama presidential campaign, the re-election staff should be outlining how the president intends to steer the nation away from a complete economic collapse.

Attempts at creating a grass-roots style campaign with notable faces repeatedly telling viewers how much Obama needs them does not relay the sense of authority and strength voters are seeking. The helping a buddy in need so he can in turn help you approach might have worked once, but it is unlikely even the most ill-informed liberal voters will fall for such a stunt again.

Obama has had almost a full term in office, so blaming George W. Bush will no longer pull much weight. Blaming Congress for the continued economic problems does not garner many voters, either. Congress does not work like a well-oiled machine free from special interest influence on either side of the aisle, but Obama had a Democratic majority for a significant portion of his term. Casting dispersions on Congress for not advancing Obama's initiatives requires chastising his fellow Democrats as well, some of which are no longer towing the party line when bills cross their desks.

Campaign staffer David Axelrod accused Republicans of rooting for economic failure, according to the Boston Herald. Once again, Obama cannot accept blame for his failed policies. Republicans are not rooting for America to fall to her knees. Fiscal conservatives are simply crossing their fingers and hoping Obama does not further cripple the nation before he is voted out of office in November.

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