Occupy Wall Street Has Familiar Foes

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators

Republican Senate hopeful Adam Hasner called "Occupy Wall Street" supporters "anarchists," according to the Florida Independent. Mr. Hasner is one in a long list of public figures who find the movement abrasive. The list includes some of the most well known conservatives in America.

* Former Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck dubbed Occupy Wall Street, "a Marxist revolution that is global in its nature," reports the International Business Times. Beck, known for his sensational rhetoric, accused President Barack Obama of being the "street organizer" who is behind the protests.

* Liberal nemesis Ann Coulter said that Americans were reacting to the movement with "hilarity and revulsion," according to Mediaite.com. Coulter threw another jab when she stated they were from "bush-league schools."

* The oft-moderate New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been critical of "Occupy Wall Street," saying, "what they're trying to do is take the jobs away from people working in the city," according to theguardian.com

* According to Newsmax.com, Karl Rove offered his two cents to the Obama administration, advising the president to distance himself from the movement. Rove accused the "Occupy" protesters of being everything from "anarchists" to "anti-Semites."

* Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain drew applause from the audience at the CNN Republican debate on Oct. 19 for criticizing "Occupy Wall Street." When moderator Anderson Cooper asked Cain if he stood by his words that the unemployed blame themselves for their state of affairs, Cain responded, "Yes, I do still say that." Cain explained that the protesters' anger was misplaced, and they should be angry at Washington.

* House Majority Leader Eric Cantor referred to protesters as a "mob." Cantor used the "Occupy" movement to paint President Obama as an advocate of class warfare. In an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press," Cantor said he was concerned that politicians were blaming others, rather than trying to find policy solutions to the nation's economic woes.

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