October 3: National Butterfly and Hummingbird Day, National Techies Day, Balloons Around the World Day, National Caramel Custard Day

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National Butterfly and Hummingbird Day

Nothing brings beauty to your yard or garden like butterflies and hummingbirds. Their small size only accentuates their beauty, packing more awesomeness per square inch than even the most gorgeous of sunsets. But their beauty is more than just skin deep, because they also pollinate flowers and fruit, helping to ensure the continued diversification of species on our planet.

Today is "National Butterfly and Hummingbird Day" and you can celebrate by planting nectar-rich flowers and shrubs for next spring's bloom.

National Techies Day

From computers to cars to cell phones, techies play an essential role in our lives. They fix what's broken and then politely instruct us on how to avoid breaking it again! Today is "National Techies Day," the perfect time to let the technical experts in your life know how much you appreciate their help.

To experience some thought-provoking techie fun of your own, why not gather the crew to watch "Wall-E," a great science fiction flick that ponders both the good and bad aspects of technology. You can check out thefilm's trailers on Yahoo! Movies.

Balloons Around the World Day

Today is "Balloons Around the World Day" and calls on all balloon artists to spend the day spreading happiness and joy by sharing their art with others. Have you ever wondered about the origin of these stretched latex bladders we call balloons?

According to Slate.com, "The first rubber balloons were made by Michael Faraday in 1824, for use in the laboratory. Faraday laid two sheets of rubber on top of each other, put flour in the middle to prevent them from joining all the way through, and then sealed the edges together." Voila! The rubber balloon was born!

You can celebrate by stopping by your local party store to pick up a bag of balloons for yourself. Then spend the evening trying your hand at some awesome balloon art.

National Caramel Custard Day

The binding properties of eggs provided the Ancient Romans with endless possibilities for unique and tasty dishes. It wasn't until the Middle Ages, however, that custard became a popular food in Europe. Since that time we have developed dozens of renditions of an egg custard, including popular desserts such as flan and Crème Brulee.

You can celebrate by whipping up your own version of this smooth and velvety treat, or try one of these great recipes from Yahoo! Shine.

Frozen Caramel Custard

Crème Brulee


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