Oh, So This Is What It's Really Like to See Through Google Glass

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The first two months of Google Glass testimonials resulted in lame sports videos and bad photos taken with the wearable machine, but a new first-person video that surfaced last night finally gives the face computer-less masses a look at what you actually see from behind the glass.

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Phandroid's Rob Jackson understands the confusion with his fellow Glass brethren simply telling everyone how incredible the experience is. "I can explain Glass to you all day and tell you what you'll see when you look through it," he says in the video — which is exactly what so many reviewers have tried (and failed) to do thus far. "There's really nothing like putting it on and looking at the display for the first time," he adds. So Jackson does just that, as best as he can, ixing the headset to a camera so that you can see what the real Glassholes see — not just what Google Glass pumps out:

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Despite Jackson's raves about his time with Google's new device, this Terminator-style video still doesn't capture that experience. Jackson has Glass do some pretty standard tasks, like translating phrases, looking up directions, and calling a fellow Glass-head. It's nice to get the lens-eye view of the directions...

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...but, other than that, it kind of just looks like watching a video of a cellphone screen:

Plus, like other voice-operated gadgets, Google Glass gets some information downright wrong. Jackson had a fun time laughing at this "Oreo"/"Oriole" mix up:

Alas, we might have to wait to try on a pair for ourselves. Hype is what you make of it, not what budget videos would have you believe.

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