In Ohio, Early Voting is Great -- but Mail-In is Better

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Early voting starts in Ohio on Tuesday, Oct. 2. Yahoo asked residents of the Buckeye State if they voted yet, how they feel about marking ballots more than a month before Election Day and how they're leaning. Here's one perspective.

COMMENTARY | Having the option of voting early on Tuesday here in Cleveland is something I appreciate. But I plan to vote by mail. I like being able to look at the ballot at home and do research before I send my ballot back.

If I were to vote on Tuesday, my vote for the presidency would go to Obama. I care about keeping in place the pre-existing conditions clause in health insurance policies and feel Obama in the presidency would raise the chances of this clause remaining. I'm in my early 60s, and as a cancer survivor, I know how expensive it would be to pay for my medical bills out of pocket.

Social Security and Medicare matter to me also. I feel I am better off with Obama in the White House when it comes to those issues. I do not feel I need more information like the debates to make up my mind on who gets my vote.

I like having an early-voting option, and I considered voting early on Tuesday, but I like voting by mail better. Ohioans should continue to get these options and should not be given a smaller window in which to vote.

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