Ohio Health Care Association Statement on Budget Vetoes

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COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 1, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The state's largest organization representing long-term care facilities has expressed disappointment over Governor Kasich's veto of key budget provisions that would help providers achieve quality goals.

"Over the past 2 years, skilled nursing care providers have suffered cuts of more than $360 million," said Peter Van Runkle, Executive Director for the Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA). "The Governor's administration recommended that the quality bonus be applied if the resources were available; Ohio is now running budget surpluses."  According to the administration's figures, a surplus of $1.7 billion will be achieved in SFY 2013 and more surpluses are expected in SFY 2014-2015. 

"Dozens of states pay higher rates for skilled services, including our neighbors Michigan and Pennsylvania," said Van Runkle. "Care for Ohioans is not worth $30 to $40 per day less than care in those states, and caregivers deserve to have adequate resources and job security for their dedication and compassion."

The quality payment vetoed by the Governor would be earned only by care centers that achieve more than the statutory minimum; the payment is calibrated to how far the facility goes to achieve quality goals.

"Our care centers will continue to provide the highest level of care possible for Ohio's long-term care population," said Van Runkle. "We are asking for the opportunity to excel, and believe that our residents deserve the state's quality commitment."

The Ohio Health Care Association is a non-profit association of more than 800 skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, and providers serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, representing over 60,000 individuals. Many OHCA members also provide a variety of home and community-based services.  OHCA is the largest long-term care association in the state, and the only chartered Ohio affiliate of the American Health Care Association, representing more than 12,000 long-term care facilities nationwide.   

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